Open House

Open House Sunday September 23, 2018 from 1PM to 4PM


Join us for refreshments and traditional Portuguese music.

This museum displays art and cultural artifacts from the Island of Madeira: a fascinating collection of art and fine crafts including embroidery, lace, linens, pottery and weaving. Traditional costumes of Folkloric dancers are on display along with an authentic ‘corca’ or sled used to transport visitors from the village of Monte high atop a hill outside of Funchal, the capital city of Madeira. On the north side of the museum is the beautiful Madeira Garden, with a fountain, grape arbor and plantings surrounding the lawn reminiscent of the garden isle.

The Museum, operated by Clube Madeirense S.S. Sacramento, Inc., sponsors the annual Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, the largest Portuguese feast in the world.


We are located:
Museum of Madeiran Heritage
27 Hope St.
New Bedford, MA 02746
Phone: 508-994-2573

Official Mailing Address:
Attn: Museum of Madeiran Heritage
88 Tinkham St.
New Bedford, MA 02746